If you think a change in the global environment politics are necessary


It´s time to make our voices heard

#NOW! is about influencing politicians to act faster for a better planet from an environmental perspective. With joint voices we can put pressure on politicians so they need to listen and do something about the urgent situation.

What is Now?

#NOW! is you and me. Anyone that thinks the environmental problem need to be solved in a much faster speed. We want to influence politicians to make drastic changes in the decision making to the benefit of the environment.

Why do we do this?

Because the Earth need help fast. Report after report are alarming us about the situation but the politicians reactions are too slow. We want to change this.

Who are we?

Just normal people who think that the environment needs to be protected. Not later, #NOW!

What do we want?

We want action from the worlds leaders and politicians in order to make the environment better. Reducing emissions drastically among other things.

What can I do?

In the list below you will find links to politicians and organisations around the world. Send them an email and let them know what you think. To make it easy for you we already made an email template.

We demand this from politicians around the world:

  1. Every decision in the Parliament must be evaluated from an environmental perspective. If the decision contributes negatively to the environment, it must be amended or cancelled. Previous decisions and agreements affecting the environment negatively need to be changed so that the environment is the top priority.
  2. Emissions such as carbon dioxide need to be drastically reduced to later cease completely.
  3. In cases where the resources of the world are used by companies, individuals or states, equal as much resources must be reinvested. That is, recovery of the Earth’s resources must be sustainable.

Tell the decisionmakers what you think. Send them an email:

These email templates can be used for your correspondence:

Email templates:




Find email addresses and links to decision makers below:

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Help us to expand

If you want to contribute to our link list above please send us a message. —>>

Thanks for joining our environmental revolution. Together change will come.